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Progress Milestone


1953: Zidong Ironware Co., Ltd. was established in Meici, Zhuji County to forge small farm tools made of iron for local farmers, and gradually developed into Zhuji Meichi Five-Star Agricultural Machinery Factory. 1968: Started manufacturing chain equipment. 1987: Relocated to Zhuji City, renamed Zhuji Chain Equipment General Factory, was the only designated chain equipment manufacturer by the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Focused on specifically chain-driven machineries in the subsequent 30 years; it is still the largest R & D factory for specifically chain-driven equipment in China, which have contributed significantly towards the development of China's chain industry.


1988: Invested in the establishment of Zhehua Zhuji Chain Manufacturing Factory, the main product is a small pitch roller chain;1990: Acquired and merged acquisition of Zhuji Special Chain Factory, the main market is the iron and steel metallurgy industry;1992: Merged Zhuji West Lake Rattan Appliance Factory, established a Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang Baowei Color Printing Co., Ltd., and owned its own packaging color printing factory;1994: An industrial company specialized in the manufacturing of "Hengjiu" brand small-sized precision sleeve roller chains and motorcycle chain products was formed;1995: Merged with Zhuji Xinyuan Mining Electric Machinery Factory, formed Zhuji Shilin Chain Material Factory, and had its own factory capable to explore various material and composition and properties development;1996: Merged with and transformed Zhuji Lock Factory; established Zhuji Wanrong Needle Roller Factory, specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery chains and chain knuckles;1997: Revamped company shareholding became a private enterprise.


2002: Constructed a 50,000 m2 manufacturing facility in the Zhuji Economic Development Zone; various factories in the Zhuji area were gradually consolidated at this location. The company was renamed Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and kept the same till present. The facility also expanded to 80,000 m2 over the years.2004: Acquired Anhui Huangshan Chain Factory (Jixi County, Anhui Province); renamed as Anhui Huangshan Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. The main markets are beer and beverages, grain and oil, cement, wood processing, construction machinery, etc.2004: A new plant Jiangxi Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. was established in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province; started operation in 2007; the manufacturing of motorcycle chain moved into this facility. 2006: Established Huanglian No. 2 Branch Factory in Jixi County, Anhui Province.

January 24, 2006

Mr. Shou Xilun, founder of Hengjiu Group, passed away due to bad health.

Shou Xilun, male, born in October 1948, joined the Party in August 1979, started work in August 1965, high school education, served as Party Secretary and Chairman of Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group Co., Ltd., and Director of Zhuji Factory Manager (Manager), Association Chief of the Socialist Construction of Zhuji City; awarded Outstanding Party Member of Shaoxing City; Outstanding Trade Union Worker of the National Light Industry System; Outstanding Party Member of Zhejiang Province; Model Worker of Shaoxing City; Representatives of the 11th, 12th and 13th National People's Congress of Zhuji The 10th Provincial People's Representative.

1965 – 1979: Zhuji No.2 Construction Company, successively served as captain, technician and secretary;
1979 – 1986: Secretary of the Party branch and director of Zhuji Chain Equipment General Factory;
1987 - 1988: Secretary of Party Committee and Manager of Zhuji No.2 Light Supply and Marketing Company;
1989 - 2002: Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhuji Chain Equipment General Factory;
2003 – 2006: Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Hengjiu Group.


2011: The Kingdee EAS-ERP system was implemented throughout the group, hence, formed the basis for implementing enterprise-wide digitalization initiative.2012: Completed the construction of a new 70,000 m2 manufacturing facility Jixi County, Anhui Province. The three factories in Jixi were integrated and relocated to this plant; raising the company's turnover 5 fold.2015: Established Huangfu Chain Industry Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, focusing on vent opener chain and small oil seal chain; late 2019 -- moved to Taicang in Jiangsu Province, company name changed to Taicang Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd.2017: Acquired Kunshan Hongyuan Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. (a Taiwanese company). The products include a full range of toothed chains and timing chains – key markets are automobile engines and transfer cases, glass manufacturing, industrial vehicles and indoor logistics.2018: Acquired Suzhou Spike Chain Co., Ltd. The products include a comprehensive range of plastic chain plates, chain nets, sprockets and related accessories. The company was relocated to Jixi County, Anhui Province in 2019, and Jixi Hengjiu Special Chain Co., Ltd. was established. Hengjiu Group becomes the only one-stop chain drive product manufacturer in China that can provide a comprehensive range of stainless-steel chain plates, plastic chain plates, chain nets, sprockets and accessories for the beer and beverage industry.

Real Estate

Between 2013 - 2018, Hengjiu successfully carried out several real estate developments on the land originally located in the urban areas of Zhuji City and Jixi County.
Through the above work, Hengjiu Group has achieved enterprise upgrading, the competitive advantage of the main business of chain transmission has been significantly improved, and beefed up the financial situation significantly.