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Chain-type vent (window) openers are increasingly used in various special fields as in airport terminal, rooftop of large swimming pools, etc that require ventilation. Such cannot be reached and activate manually. Other similar applications in high-rise buildings have also adopted such ease of use approach.  An example is, to alleviate fire hazards and other disasters in high-rise buildings, building management can greatly minimize casualties with just one-click in opening the vents and windows, and so quickly discharge toxic fumes. The chain is a key part in the ventilation; the core requirement is that the chains must pass 10,000 times fault-free switching. The requirements on reliability and service life of the vent and window opener chain far exceeds industrial chain.

Since successfully extension over of our technology developed for automobile engine chain to the vent / window system control chain in 2014, our products have quickly being adopted by the majority of vent / window system manufacturers -- right now, 7 of the Top 10 vent / window system companies in Europe incorporated our chains.  The company has long used the chain of long-lasting window machine. With our capabilities to effectively new product development and high-precision, durable nature and corrosion-resistant products, we gain great recognition by domestic and foreign customers. We offer a full range of vent / window opener chains from 8.0mm to 19.05mm pitch sizes, including stainless steel and carbon steel chains, and chains with different surface coatings like galvanized, nickel-plated, and DACROMET®.

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