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The earthwork machinery construction industry faced with complex and changeable working environment; there is sand, clay, frozen soil, wind fossils or gravel, including the adjustment of excavation depth and width, so that in the operating process the load and impact force of construction machinery changes at any time.

Trencher Chain is design and manufacture to adapt to various types of underground construction environment, with case carburized bush & roller and induction handed pin, the chain own the perfect match of surface stiffness and core toughness. The excellent mechanical properties and accurate dimensional consistency can ensure that every lot of the chain has the high impact toughness and fatigue strength to satisfy the intermittent work environment with large impact load transmission and frequent activation. The company's Trencher Chain has already become the classic interpretation to create value for customer because of the long life which derives from high reliability.

Besides chains specifically used in trenchers, offers a comprehensive line of chains available in every pitch size from #25 to #240 in single or multiple strand configuarttion. Our roller chain not only meets but exceeds ANSI Standards. We give our chain an extra outer hardening not found with the competition, adding to the overall durability and life of the chain. Available in 10-foot or 3-meter lengths or made to order for your specific requirements.

Types of chain include:

  • Earth Chain
  • Frost Chain
  • Diggatac Chain — also known as shark tooth
  • Combo Chain — 70% Diggatac 30% Frost

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