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Our welded chains, sawtooth plate roller chains, and other roller conveyor chains, are widely used in the rough-and-tumble, continuous soaking wetness, jamming and abrasion due to sand and saw dust of high-speed timber processing as in woodyards like log washdown and lifting, debarking, and chipping, digesters, screening, reclaimers, shredders, crushers, dewatering, debris conveying, board handling, strapping and packaging. Wood is a natural resource that creates difficult processing conditions. The coarse wood chips and fine sawdust have a negative impact on machine components particularly the conveyor chains tend to wear out more quickly caused by inadequate lubrication, dirt adheres to the chain preventing lubrication from penetrating to where it is needed most. Our timber industry chains undergo extreme tests in field quality and endurance.

Hengjiu Group offers one-stop comprehensive range of chains for the wood processing industry, including welding chains, sawtooth plate chains, 81X series conveyor chains, roller chains, etc., all capable of withstanding high load shocks, long-lasting wear resistance and long service life are the main characteristics of the Hengjiu chains.

Welded Chains, Our welded chain links are welded with the latest special automatic welding machine; the double-sided welds are completed simultaneously in a single process. Various attachments on the chain links are robotically welded to ensure consistent weld quality and dimensional accuracy. The welding process is carried out in strict compliance to the process assessment requirements for weld strength, weld penetration, and heat affected part hardness.

Sawtooth Plate Chains, widely used in timber processing applications like feeding and discharging from debarking drums, shredders, chippers, digesters, demands extreme quality. We use specially selected high-quality allow steel and advanced heat-treatment processes, adopt strict quality control, undergo multiple process steps, not just to ensure precise finishing of the tooth surface and the bottom, preventing the key critical sawtooth problems – elastic and plastic deformation, and cracks.

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