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Roller chains used in the oil and gas industry are subject to some of the greatest operating loads and harshest environments. Hengjiu manufactures its oil & gas roller chains according to ANSI specifications to meet and exceed the standards set by the American Petroleum Institute specification whenever called for by the operational environment in the oilfield.

Hengjiu Group offer two series products of Oilfield Roller Chain and Pumping Chain for the oil extraction industry. Due to the remoteness of the oilfield locations, highest degree of reliability is what we have designed into and making sure appropriate production techniques are adopted for these chains.

Compared with other chains, the Hengjiu Oilfield Chain features:

Engineered when power counts in achieving high productivity, high speeds, high shock loads, and high cyclic loading.

Performance is build into every Hengjiu Oilfield Chain, starting with the highest quality alloy steel, manufacture all parts to stringent tolerances, and using most efficient heat-treatment processes to maximize tensile strength and shock load resistance; it means long lasting chains in toughest applications in remote oilfields.

Stronger Pins for longer chain life

Drilling applications put a lot of stress on pins, and pin wear can cause early chain failure. Pins are made of special materials, precision-ground to ensure accurate fit, and assembled only after our proprietary heat treatment. The result is tough, through-hardened pins that increase fatigue strength and allow the chain to better withstand shock loads.

Pitch-Compensated Link Plates maintain maximum strength

Link plates have wider waists to better handle shock loads. The added plate strength creates a rigid link with less deflection under load. Centre plates are pitch-compensated, creating a contact fit that allows easy cutting and assembly while maximizing chain strength. The plates hold tighter and share the load equally, creating higher fatigue resistance and longer lasting chain.

Ballized Holes for precise and smoother contact

Fatigue cracks start from imperfections in the plate holes. Our chains are manufactured to minimize imperfections. After heat treatment, the pitch holes on the side plates are ball drifted to impart residual compressive stress and create extremely smooth hole surfaces, which maximizes fatigue strength.

Solid Rollers and Solid Bushings

Hengjiu Oilfield Chain uses solid rollers, which are carefully formed from high-grade steel into optimal roundness, heat treated and shot peened for toughness and strength for smooth, long lasting operations. Solid bushings used for large size chains and precision-formed bushings for small size chains.

Press-Fit Centre Plates

Multi-strand chains used in oilfield operations can be constructed with press-fit centre plates.

Pre-Stressed Chains

 Chains are pre-stressed to ensure uniform load distribution and minimize initial elongation. The result is better operation upon starting operation from installation and throughout the life of the chain.

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