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For chain applications, forklifts and stackers are very special applications that require continuous transportation of various large tonnage materials back and forth, and high frequency reciprocating and lifting operations under heavy loads.The leaf chain is a safety component on the forklift. Its durability helps increase user productivity and reduce maintenance costs, and its reliability is directly related to major property safety and personal safety.

Leaf chain is assembled by plates and pins in various lacing. This structure determines that leaf chains have a greater strength, weight ratio, and loading,  impact bearing than other chains, and it is easier to maintain.

CHJC gives a whole new concept and function to leaf chain, the traditional basic mechanical parts. It ensures your equipments to have longer service life, higher safety level, and lower maintenance costs.

In the R&D and manufacturing process of the leaf chain, Hengjiu Group adheres to the concept of “all for safety” and strictly controls the quality of the chain from six aspects.Hengjiu forklift chain has always been praised by customers for its wear resistance, high strength and long service life

Only Use High-level Material

According to our practise, even with the same steel type, the similar steel components, same manufacturing process, heat treatment and assembling process, there are different performances on fatigue strength. Hengjiu only uses high quality steel from selected steel factory to ensure the stability of our chain quality.

High Precise Mold with Independent Intellectual Property Rights

Key quality points, such as plate hole, pitch, and hole surface, are all key elements which highly related to chains’ firmness, loading strength and fatigue strength. Hengjiu uses high-precision molds and toolings to make sure that the surface finish reaches to 80% and above.

High-quality Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment

Hengjiu introduces the latest continuous mesh belt furnace to heat treatment of parts to ensure the parts’ high quality and consistency.All parts of Hengjiu’s leaf chains are treated by shotting peening, which can efficiently improve the chain’s fatigue strength.

Optical Image Detection

The pins of the leaf chains are 100% optical inspected before assembling, which completely eliminate the traditional rely on human eyes to identify defective products and avoid the quality risk.
Optical detection technology is also applied to detect the missing parts and poor assembly for finished chains.

Automatic Assembling and On-line Inspecting Line

Hengjiu self-developed assembling and inspecting line, which combines 7 steps, assembling, mechanical and  magnetic missing parts detection, pin length inspection, riveting, prestretching, oiling, and cutting into one line, highly improves the production efficiency and lowers the quality dependence on workers.

All chains are pre-stretched. High quality pretension not only improves the fatigue strength of the chain effectively, but also has the function of assembly straightening.

Quality Tracing System

Lean production model is implemented in Hengjiu leaf chain producing. All producing and inspecting data is collected and inputted into Group EAS system. Quality tracing can be achieved as required as far as to raw material supplier and material batch no.

Products & Services

Delivered in Roll or with Screws Equipped

We can provide the chains as customers'requirement, either in rolls or with screws.

Quick Response

Hengjiu sets up an independent leaf chain manufacturing department and owns a professional marketing team. Meanwhile, we has a large inventory and can respond quickly to customer needs.

Full Series of Forklift Chains & Accessories

Hengjiu can provide full series of forklift chains and accessories, including AL series, BL series and LL series leaf chains, silent chains for hydraulic oil pump, chains with groove attachment, and chains with screws. According to different work environment of forklift, we can provide 3 kinds of surface treatments, phosphating blacking, Dacromet, and nature color.

Customized Chain Development

Hengjiu Group has supplied chains and accessories to many OEMs as well as customization and development, and has provided comprehensive lubrication and rust prevention solutions.

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