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We play a major role in Food & Beverage Production catering to more than 1.4 billion people in the World.

Over the past 40 years, the unremitting pursuit for design, technology and manufacturing excellence by Hengjiu Group’s Huangshan brand resulted in becoming the top brand in China for beer and beverage conveying solutions with advanced chains and componentry.

To keep up with the advancement in demanding production technology, latest design trends and food safety, our chain engineering and design team have close technical cooperation with domestic beer and beverage equipment manufacturers in developing innovating and improving conveying needs.  Huangshan Chain became the main unit in drafting the China National Standards GB/T4140 "Flat Top Chains and Sprockets for Conveyors".

We are the best chain supplier to the beer and beverage equipment manufacturing process. We offer a comprehensive range of beer filling production line chains that can meet the needs of different brands of bottle washing machines, filling machines, labeling machines, pressure-less bottles, etc… that meet demanding needs of high-speed and conveying stability of during production.

a.  Stainless Steel Flat Top Chain

Our company is the unit in drafting the China National Standard GB/T4140 "Flat Top Chains and Sprockets for Conveyors". We lead in technology and quality in the domestic industry; we obtained several product design and manufacturing technology patents. 

Base on the design requirements of different sections in the beer and beverage production process, we can offer 300, 400 series stainless steel materials and even special chrome-nickel steel that handles high strength well and excellent in resisting wear. Our range covers width from 76.2mm to 190.5mm, single or double-hinge, straight or side bending, and other specifications of flat top conveyor chains.

The company have the only 6 flat-top chain eight-station automatic stamping and assembling machines in the domestic industry; these are equipped with a chain plate automatic stamping production line, chain pre-tension measuring station, surface grinding and polishing machine, and guide plate automatic welding production line; the most advanced flat top chain, not just efficient in production, but ensure stable product quality too.

b. Engineering Plastics Flat Top Chain

In applying engineering plastic technology to our chain design, we use only high quality raw materials, targeting service conditions, using precision molding and continuously improving plastic modification technology, engineering plastic chains stand out among man manufacturers with its best price-performance ratio mainly used in mineral water, carbonated beverages, juice drinks, protein beverages, lactic acid beverages and solid beverages (power drinks) are widely used on production lines. Among them, the modular mesh chain has the most complete specifications, widest applications, and have the following advantages:

Simple structure and easy to apply

High strength and light weight

Low coefficient of friction

Low noise

Do not damage conveyed items

Great interchangeability, easily replaceable and match with multiple brands of the same chain specification

c. Conveyor Chains for Bottle Rinser

The bottle rinser chain is the core conveying part of the beer production line; it operates in lye, withstand high degree of abrasion resistance one of the basic characteristics that the chain must offer, higher requirement needed for manufacturing accuracy of the chain, including the height of the attached plate and the length accuracy of the chain, then can ensure the degree of cleanliness needed during rinsing of beer bottles.

Our bottle rinser chains are designed and manufactured in accordance with our enterprise technical standards that are higher than internationally adopted standards; market well received for our near-perfect quality, universally adopted in the maintenance of the breweries of 青岛, 雪花 and燕京 beers. We are a mainstream supplier among major domestic beer equipment manufacturers – is in a industry leading position, a part of the renowned  chains, once again, a proven conveyor solution in the beer and beverage industry.

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