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With ever-increasing competition, when it comes to automobile assembly, conveyor systems are among the most vital components in automatic material handling in the automobile industry. The power and convenience of conveyors enable car parts and bodies to move from one application to another with consistency. Conveyors make it easy for factories to move heavy equipment along assembly lines precisely. Line process shutdowns and improper handling should not be tolerated as they lead to costly damage of countless parts leading to production delays and field repairs and recalls.

Throughout each given work shift, conveyors make it possible to apply hundreds of applications per hour — a pace that would be unimaginable if everything was left to human hands and old–fashioned lifting equipment. Essentially, a reliable conveyor system benefits the manufacturers with easy movement of heavy parts precisely along assembly lines and high volume of applications performed per hour.

Chain conveyors are used in Parts Handling, Tire Handling, Door, Hoods and Panel Handling, Engine Assembly, Window Installation. Headlight Installation, Cab / Passenger Compartment Installation.

The purpose of the material handling conveyor systems in automobile assembly plants is to ensure that the handling of vehicle parts is kept as concise as possible – auto parts enter the assembly plant as individual pieces but exit as finished vehicles.

In the past decade, we provided conveyor chains for the automobile assembly lines of Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, Nanjing MG, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Liuqi, Hainan Mazda, JAC, Geely, etc.; achieving outstanding performance and life with the spray painting line chain that operated reliably in working environment up to 300 °C.

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