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Subsidiary profile


Established in 1994, Hengjiu Group's Industrial Division (former Zhuji Chain Industry Industrial Corporation) is the key export base for chains transmission products. Situated in a 225 acres industrial complex in Zhuji City (Zhejiang Province) with more than 500 employees (including more than 150 multi-discipline technical specialists), it is a corporate member of the China Chain Transmission Association and National Chain Transmission Standardization Technical Committee.

The Company adopts leading technologies and processes and have more than 500 sets of production test equipment; we practice smart manufacturing -- our processes are automated using intelligent equipment; hence, supporting us in the current competitive landscape to stay as a market leader. Among it, several of our production assembly lines adopt IP and know-how developed in-house, avoiding human errors in our chain manufacturing and quality assurance.

We produce and ship 25,000 tons of various chains annually covering more than 10,000 product variations. Particularly for the forklift, logistic & storage equipment, automated parking garages, and environmental protection equipment, our products are at the leaders in the domestic industries; have attained advanced international levels.

We have strong fundamental and technical capabilities. We are the Enterprise Technology Center of Zhejiang Province. We adopt global management practices -- certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 energy management systems, CE and other certifications. We implemented 6S management in our production. Our products conform to ISO, ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS standards.


Anhui Huangshan Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hengjiu Group, was established in 1975, and joined the Hengjiu Group in 2004. Currently, it is one of the two companies being appointed to the vice chairman post in the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association (Chain Drive Branch), a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, and a key backbone enterprise in China's chain transmission industry. The company sits on a plot of area of more than 110,000 m2, with a construction area exceeding 70,000 m2. There are more than 640 employees, including more than 70 R & D personnel. It has more than 600 sets of production testing equipment, and assets of worth more than 300 million RMB.

Leading products include "Huangshan Brand" 10 series of stainless steel flat-top conveyor chains, welded plate chains, cement chains, pintle chains, engineered chains with more than 5000 varieties. Annual output capacity of 30,000 tons. The products mainly cater to beer, beverage, cement, grain and oil, mining, metallurgy, wood processing, oil field, tobacco and other industries. Since 1998, it has won the titles of "Famous Trademarks of Anhui Province" and "Famous Brand Products of Anhui", it gained the "Famous Brand Products of China Machinery Industry" recognition in 2017. It was identified as “little giant” company in 2020.


Zhejiang Hengjiu Special Chain Co., Ltd. (former Zhuji Special Chain Factory), a subsidiary of Hengjiu Group, was founded in 1989. It is the domestic production base for large-scale and metallurgical industry special chains. It is a member of China Chain Transmission Association and National Chain Transmission Standardization Technical Committee Unit.

The Company is situated in Paitou Town, Zhuji City, covering an area of more than 45,000 m2, with fixed assets of 45 million RMB.  We have more than 200 employees, including 80 engineering and technical personnel, and 15 people of intermediate and senior engineering level. The annual production and sales of various chains, sprockets and conveying equipment exceed 7,000 tons. It is the runaway leader in sales of chains to the metallurgical industry in China, and also a major supplier to chain manufacturing in the Chinese metallurgical industry.


HENGJIU SILENT CHAIN (former Kunshan Hongyuan Chain Co., Ltd.,), joined Hengjiu Group in 2017 and moved to Zhuji, Zhejiang in 2023. The company have been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of high-quality automobile chains, industrial toothed and inverted tooth chains for the glass industry and precision components manufacturing.


Jixi Hengjiu Special Chain Co., Ltd. (former Suzhou Speedy Company), a subsidiary of the Hengjiu Group, was established in 2015, and joined the Hengjiu Group of Companies in 2018. Its products include engineered synthetic chains, chain net, sprockets and a variety of synthetic ancillary parts and accessories, and drive solutions.  It caters to the beer, beverages, mineral water, dairy products and food industries.

We are committed to the development of new products basing on application specifics the customer needs, carry out research for the customers, design, develop and produce suitable products. We conduct trial operations and quality tests to provide customers the needed solutions.


Jiangxi Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hengjiu Group, located in Huangyuan Industrial Zone of Shangrao City established in 2004. The main product is a motorcycle chain. Jiangxi Hengjiu applies a modern management model, employing 200 employees for its automated production process. The company strictly implements international production standards, establishes and improves the company's quality management system, and manufactures fine roller chains for industrial precision roller chains and motorcycles. It is currently one of the largest standard chain production bases in China.


Taicang Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, specializes in R & D and manufacturing of automatic vent opener chains and high-end oil seal chains. The company complies with the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management Systems, incorporating the Group's technology in the field of automotive engine chains, high precision mold fabrication, and advanced automatic production lines, to produce vent opener chains and oil seal chains; hence, establishing its own application specific technology and know-how.

supporting more than a dozen major vent-opening system manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Denmark, etc. Our products include galvanized, nickel-plated, DACROMET® coated, stainless steel, and other types of vent-opening machine chains. In addition to providing customers with high-precision products, we also advise customers to meet their technical applications, and specifically design, develop, and manufacture new vent opener chains according to customer needs.


Zhuji Hengjiu Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. (former Zhuji Chain Equipment General Factory), a subsidiary of the Hengjiu Group, was founded in 1953. For more than 60 years, the company has been committed to the development and manufacture of chain equipment. With the rapid changes in the chain industry and the times, the company actively adjusts its strategy and business approach, drives innovation, integrates social resources, and strengthens chain equipment R & D.

The company’s philosophy is be strong in innovation, high-caliber talented team, and with extensive experience in production. Currently, we have 15 advanced technicians, and successfully developed variety of chain-making equipment and customized products. In China, we have a wide customer base; and beyond, we also have customers in France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea,  Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, US and other countries.


HENGJIU SAW CHAIN, which integrates the research and development, manufacturing and sales of saw chains. Hengjiu takes "quality first, high cost performance" as the first policy of the enterprise, and manufactures products with raw materials imported from Germany, and has fully advanced stamping, cold forging, sharpening, heat treatment and other manufacturing equipment, with a complete testing system from materials, parts to finished products, including image microscope, Brinell hardness tester, fatigue testing machine, salt spray testing machine , direct reading spectrometer, impact testing machine, breaking load machine, etc. In addition, we have integrated the technology of car engine chain into the R&D and manufacturing of the saw chain, which has significantly improved the durability of the chain